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Animus Silvae

Library up to date as of 26th Febuary - Autumn 1229

Lyskandria wrote up some spells

We've finally written a list of what phillippa left us, before she left:

Bye phillippa...

OK, a trader tried to trade books with us.
We accepted, and later saved his life. (He asked us to, with indications that he knew we were magi... Lets see Marcus explain that one)
As reward, Nicolai got a ride in his wagon, and we got some books.
One in particular, appears to be attatched to our library; and nigh indestrucatble.
Oh what fun we are going to have. No one has dared read it yet.
We've classified them as 'mundane' since they aren't about arts or spells... no other reason.

A list of new alterations to the library...

This catologue was written up origionally by Gwyntar; who also copied out many of the books described herein.

The Wanderer then copied it into a computer readable form; once it had mostly stabilised.

He then passed it on to me, Adam, to add all of the hyperlinks and so forth, which I did.
So I guess that means you should moan at me if it's incorrect / broken in any way.

Unfortunately, Vitenka offerred to turn this list into a form most of the characters could use. He did, so helping the covenant of Animus Silvae, but he also added sarcastic comments around the place. So don't take offence at them.

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