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Lyskandria Ex Criamon

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Played by Dan Morgan

Lyskandria (pre-mask days)
A young, innocent Lyskandria looks at the stars (prior to certain incidents).

Lyskandria has had a harsh life. She hails from the northern tribes, at this time this would largely be to do with the Sami of the Russian / Finnish border area. Unusually she has blonde hair, because she is not exactly a native of that region. She is instead descended from more nordic, indeed you could say druidic ancestors, who took refuge with the Sami many generations ago when House Diedné was declared treacherous, becoming the seers of the tribe in return for living and safety. Sadly the lineage has become debased, although it retains much inherent magical power - the ability to see creatures not of this plane, a little prescience and occasional visions, as well as the gift.

Lyskandria's story starts when she was very young. Her mother was the tribe's priestess, and, not terribly many years after her birth was killed in a fight with some marauding Svears (Swedes). Very young and very frightened, she had to take up the mantle of priestess as a child.

About six months later she was kidnapped. By her Parens - Hugo ex Criamon.

Hugo was, being a Criamon, somewhat unorthodox at the best of times. He believed that in the battles of man was the Enigma revealed. He was a somewhat morbid individual, and hung around battlefields a lot. Thus it was that Lyskandria learnt to use a weapon - the quarterstaff - to defend herself, learning mainly from encounters with mercenaries and grogs. At the age of 18, she had a brief dalliance with a young man and ended up with Alex as the by-product. However, Lyskandria is a fairly devoted parent (just unorthodox in parenting decisions).

During her apprenticeship, Lyskandria had yet more problems. Her previous family located her and managed to recapture her one black day, carrying her off into the wilds. Hugo was somewhat upset at losing his apprentice, and set to finding her. However a season of Intelligo spells did not work, and so he set off to find her. Meanwhile, Lyskandria found that home life had changed somewhat. The tribe was now ruled by a young man - a patricide, it turns out - and the tribe had now become warlike, raiding nearby travellers and moving south.

She was due to be sacrificed at the festival of Midwinter. Apparently they thought her a powerful sacrifice. As she was actually a powerless apprentice, she could only wait and hope.

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An older Lyskandria looks out over one of the more strange bits of the Forest around Animus in search of enigmatic insights.

It got to the point where they were preparing her for sacrifice. The runes of the Sami script had been crudely carved and the knife was raised. The person holding it died rather horribly though. Hugo had arrived and was really not amused.

He rescued Lyskandria, although she subsequently became withdrawn. Despite Hugo trying to cheer her up, she took to wearing a mask. This has protected her identity somewhat from recriminations since her old tribe has started to raid the overland trade route to Sweden from Russia, and have become severely unpopular as a result, despite the low volumes of trade on that route.

She is now rather paranoid that someone from her old tribe will find out who she really is, and come and find her. But she entertains hopes that, when she becomes more powerful, she may liberate her former people from the diabolic curse that has befallen them. (Hugo didn't pursue the matter of his apprentice's kidnapping any further as he was rather keen to get back to really relevant work - the Enigma.)

Since arriving at Animus Silvae, Lyskandria has been rather disturbed by the activities of Martin and the effect that his influence is having on her child. However, after being among a group of younger magi that went to meet him after the grogs and elder magi wanted to know why he had suddenly increased his activities, it is noticeable that Lyskandria has been training her daughter to fight. Lyskandria has also been practicing with the grogs, to improve her Russian, and learn something. She was recently challenged and beaten by Nicolai in a one on one combat, and so is definitely learning something. These events have somewhat distracted her from one of her main aims, the pursuit of a certain book that the covenant possesses.

Meanwhile, rumours are probably rife amongst the grogs concerning her rather strange appearance and mannerisms......

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