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Page updated 25th August - Summer 1998

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This service relies upon Pride to be up and running.
If that link gives you an error - then it won't work.

Vitenka has decided to show off, with a possibly helpful system.
Just make up a user name and password (don't forget them) set a few options, and you'll have a customised navigation bar - which will allow you to make your way around the site more easily.
It remembers which pages you have been to, and tries to present the ones you use most often to you next time.
It can also tell you about any new changes.

The options system allows you to choose:

Force 'links'
By default, the last slot of the nav bar is taken up with a link to the 'links' page. You can change this - freeing it for normal use.
Expand 'new'
By default, a seperate box of the nav bar is used for each change to the web site since you last visited. You can change this, to make it give only a single link, to the updates page.
First page choice
If you have set the nav bar to use frames, then then main frame has to have something in it before you press a link.
You have a choice, it can load the index page, the updates page, or whatever is in the first box of the navigation bar.
Index Style
By default set to 'maximum prettiness', you can lower it if you have an older browser, or it seems to be going too slowly.
The 'no precache' is probably best, at least until I get the javascript working.
BUT, if you are on a slower link, with a newer browser, the precache option may be worthwhile.

You don't have to be a member of the campaign to set up an account.

Taking a bookmark of the navigation bar Should work as you expect...

Please remember to log out - The system may not save your preferences properly unless you do so.
This is especially true on a multi-user or communal machine (such as in a computer room).

If worried, read my privacy policy

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[System created by - Vitenka]