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Talia's Song Limericks Snippets


Page up to date as of 2nd March - Spring 1218

Due to an unfortunate meeting with some faeries, the following were composed.


There was a great bear from Ice Crag
who was desperately dying for a shag.
He tried it with demon,
Couldn't get up the semen -
So he had to make do with a hag!


There was a young wizard of air
who had less brains than his chair.
When up against the black,
He shot himself in the back -
There's only bone beneath that hair!


There was once a wizardly dog
with control o'er mist and fog.
He was a coward and fool,
and smelled like a ghoul -
Thank gods he turned into a frog!


There was an old man from the west
too feeble to even get dressed.
He was long past his peak,
his magic was weak -
He'll always settle third best!


There was a red fox in a hole,
who lied, and cheated, and stole.
He was nasty and vicious,
but proved quite delicious -
When roasted over open coal!


There once was a wizard of flame,
who was generally considered a pain.
She had a young child,
who tried to run wild -
And to martin she tried to pin blame!


There once was a demon of evil
his true form he would not reveal.
He seemed like a magus,
least that's what he told us -
His dark pact with evil to seal!

All composed by the faeries (Ryan), except for the last two - Deunans is courtesy of Phillipa, and Anatol's is from Gwyntar.

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