Game Fu

A [TRO] game design competition.

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Game Name Author Description Average Score Challenge
Mad Science Boys [DOWNLOAD] Aesir Raven Genius, social Awkardness and Science. 75% tro1
Raise the Horns [DOWNLOAD] Dee Cee Apocalyptic rock and roll; this game goes up to twelve. 69% tro1
Hivemind [DOWNLOAD] Secant Clones working within a hive. 62% tro1
Pretty Princess Death Dowry [DOWNLOAD] Vitenka Princesses compete ruthlessly to marry then murder a Prince. 67% tro1
To win the Royal Heart [DOWNLOAD] Gene Freak Potential suitors to a Royal Princess. 64% tro1
Astromancer [DOWNLOAD] GavKen Astrological Mages in the time of the English Civil War. 70% tro2
Zodiac Stone [DOWNLOAD] Vitenka Animal liberationists give creatures the power of speech, along with every other horoscope coming true. 58% tro2
To Serve the Earth [DOWNLOAD] Codex Arcanum Malfunctioning robots tend a wild and mutated ruined earth. 70% tro3
1914 [DOWNLOAD] Aesir Raven Superheroes emerge in the run-up to world war one. 70% tro3
Clockwork [DOWNLOAD] GavKen Clanks revolt against their absent masters. 60% tro3
MorTV [DOWNLOAD] Vitenka Murder TV. 60% tro3
Titanomachy [DOWNLOAD] Pallandozi Myths and gods overthrowing the incumbents. 40% tro3
Logosphere [DOWNLOAD] Kafkonia Book-worlds overlap reality. 70% tro4
Junkyard Samurai [DOWNLOAD] InkyHat Samurai japan in a junkyard. 53% tro4