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MORAT hosting for gaming sites is FREE. If you have a gaming related site that you'd like us to host then click here.

For clans we provide special hosting over at

Well MORAT provides all the services a growing website will need to setup and become the best. When you apply for freespace hosting you'll get:

  • 10 Megs of webspace at
  • FTP access to your account
  • Weekly access reports
  • An option to register your own IRC channel on
  • Access to the PHP scripting language for dynamic page creation (
  • Access to the Morat News and Password system, that can be easily added to your website
So what does all this cost you? Nothing - its FREE. To get your website hosted on the MORAT site just click here.

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o Half-Life cstrike 9/32
o Half-Life cstrike 0/18
o Half-Life cstrike 0/12

Servers Up: 3
Servers Down: 0
Total Players: 9/62

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