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Page updated 21st November - Summer 1224

Lets pay attention to the non-magi for a while, shall we?
Briarios is devoted to Deunan, and vice-versa (Yep, they're from Appleseed)

Presenting - The Lost Ones

The lost ones we're recently freed by the faerie lord Karakka, who had finished toying with them.

Bearing the scars of his play, they discovered that they had been absent from this earth for many decades (in some cases) and in any case were far from their respective homes.

Naturally, then; they turned to banditry - waylaying travellers through the forest.

Unforunately for us... they hit a red-cap; and it was left to us to sort it out.
We soon found a frightened pair of children; who threatened us - and had a trio of wolves to back them up.
I should interject at this point that Mila coudn't quite believe that wolves were dangerous...
A small misunderstanding followed; which ended with Mila and Deunan doing good cop - bad cop upon the boy, who we later discovered was named Tomas.

To cut what is turning into a long story short, we promised to leave them alone, and help them against Karakka; providing they would work for us.

Tomas - the de facto leader.
Once lamed, and now miraculously healed by the power of the well of St Deimos. Tomas is incredibly accurate with a bow, and proves it to any who would slur the name of St Deimos. Praise St. Deimos!

Sergei, was a big strong, dumb one - with a vindictive nature.
Now the body is inhabited by someone else. Don't ask.

Akillina is a wolf half the time (or more; she prefers it, I think) and has a very direct attitude to situations.

Igor is a baltic dwarf - who specialises in chants to ward off evil.

And we also have a short - bald - speckled guy wrking with us. With red eyes. Think narn.

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