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In this directory will be found a large number of files - with various extensions (.sxw, .doc, .html, .pdf) Each of these extensions are (or should be) the information - multiple formats are provided for ease of access. If you can read this then you can read the html versions, but they aren't very pretty. You need OpenOffice to read the sxw files - doc is MS word and pdf is acrobat.

Player handouts for individual missions are in separate directories.

The files are:
OrganisationChartNPCs who are based in the same tower as the player characters.
Handbook-00-IntrodcutionEmployee handbook - Cover page - An introduction to IMR.
Handbook-01-ClassificationsEmployee handbook - Page one - Document classification system.
Handbook-02-FlagsEmployee handbook - Page two - Continuum of force, Green and White flags.
Handbook-03-TradeCraftEmployee handbook - Page three - Hints and tips for spies.

Hopefully more files will be available later - along with session logs if you are lucky. GM-only materials (password req'd.) are elsewhere.