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There's nothing to see here except for shadows of the past - and these ones won't be returning.

I'd point you to my next project here - but I'm not that organised. My style is to act and then sort out the consequences, rather than the other way around. Oh, and lying. I do that a lot too. (i.e. if you look closely, you may have seen some links appearing roughly once a week) is registered to me for the forseeable future, so you might find something there.

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Vitenka : Wed 21 09:38:27 2001  

Critical core temparature

The internet is melting down...

I didn't realise it until just now but the meltdown will escalate. Sites which pay more per page than they earn per page can run fine with a small number of viewers because they get cheaper (free) hosting. Then a big site dies. The viewers go elsewhere. That site now has too many viewers, that site dies...

Rinse, wash and repeat.

One view says that this will happen, and only once no free site is viable will pay per view work. And it will work. AOL somehow has subscribers. People are willing to pay for crap.

No free site is viable? Well - possibly fast moving sites will survive. Changing hosts whenever they get too many viewers - nicher and nicher as goth-alice possibly said.

Micropayments! Buzzword of last decade - are they our saviour? Well - the idea of paying people who point your way leaves a bad taste in my mouth - even if smoehow the system could be secured against fraud.

Honour systems? Sorry, but I'm too proud to beg. If people want to give me money, I'm sure they'll work out a way.

So what do we have left? Banner ads can work - but there needs to be a high ratio of advertisers to sites and the advertisers need to be on happy pills regarding the charges - so this is another 'after the bomb' scenario.

evil corporate warmongers? They're doing worse than anybody - but if they can bundle their service with enough real world stuff, then they should pull through. And if no one knows there is an alternative?

Why don't I point at some actual numbers that don't look pulled out of thin air

Are things really this bad? If people don't follow my advice they are probbaly worse.

So - what is going to happen?

MORAT is moving pay to play. The service will come bundled with some ISPs. The first indication of this service should go live at the end of next month. NTL and blueyonder are the obvious people. And then what? Very indirectly, catnews will be paid for by the people who want it. Maybe I'll offer them content that the rest of you plebs can't see.

And just maybe, sometimes, I'll remember the net as it used to be. Hey, I've got a modem or three, I've got BBS software - there's not actually anything stopping us going back to that...

Except the fact that it is already too popular. And that people abuse generosity. I know I have, setting this up on morat....

Why don't you read more of my ramblings?

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