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There's nothing to see here except for shadows of the past - and these ones won't be returning.

I'd point you to my next project here - but I'm not that organised. My style is to act and then sort out the consequences, rather than the other way around. Oh, and lying. I do that a lot too. (i.e. if you look closely, you may have seen some links appearing roughly once a week) is registered to me for the forseeable future, so you might find something there.

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Vitenka : Thu 19 11:59:16 2001  

Mythic perspectives dies

Due to being an unpaid volunteer, doing a load of work, and getting shafted by the printers, damelon carried through his earlier aborted promises, and quit. Though I object to print media in general (articles unavailable on the net due to being in MP) it is sad to see that the 'fan' meltdown is continuing into the physical world. Good luck damelon, hope you do well wherever you go. AM will be the poorer for your loss.

Hmmm... I'm not supposed to leak this for a few days until he's formally announced it, but no one reads catnews anyway, and I'm no longer on the lists where he DOES announce. Take this as a completely unfounded rumour until he does.

Oh, and the people who took pity on me as a poor student and bought me a 'fund damelon' subscription, thank you - but I'm still a nay-sayer. Contact me and I'll refund the monies, so that damelon doesn't have to.

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