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There's nothing to see here except for shadows of the past - and these ones won't be returning.

I'd point you to my next project here - but I'm not that organised. My style is to act and then sort out the consequences, rather than the other way around. Oh, and lying. I do that a lot too. (i.e. if you look closely, you may have seen some links appearing roughly once a week) is registered to me for the forseeable future, so you might find something there.

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Vitenka : Fri 26 10:03:05 2001  
Wrapping it up, with a whole bunch of flashes - the more recent past of catnews

Nostalgia... Can you survive it?

  • What's the term for crowing about your prescience? AO, which is going wrong, has a pretty map [Details]
  • More 3d engines [Details]
  • Another sorta nifty idea fallen by the wayside [Details]
  • Let the smurfing craze SMURF already! [Details]
  • I wonder if I hat all MMORGs now? I'm getting good at seeing what they'll be like a year ahead at least Like all MMORG's to date - the problem is, there's nothing to DO. And levelling is BORING. But this one has spaceships, and kinda cool physics. [Details]
  • Non-photo-realistic-rendering. Wow. [Details]
  • UO emulation tools [Details]
  • The never ending book of names [Details]
  • Tweak tweak tweak your modem, merrily down your ping... [Details]
  • A very very very good tron game. Get it. Now [Details]
  • Bigger fonts in halflife - people keep asking for it... [Details]
  • This mezzed me - it loops [Details]
  • Myst3 so totally simple and uncomplicated that the spoilers guide is only 40meg. [Details]
  • Some gamers make flash movies [Details]
  • Some of them are hilarious. Chip and Dale MMORPG lives on. These ARE the flash movies you are looking for. [Details] [Details] [Details] [Details] [Details]
  • Chew. [Details]
  • Well huff - my cats *lurrve* you. As long as you play tfc. Play another game? Yeah, I guess they hate you too. [Details]
  • Return of the honourable big red button. [Details]
  • Meow! Vrrooom! Toy for girl and boy with much sameness! [Details]
  • To quote from the email sending me this link: It's like some 80s comic book super team lineup or something. I dunno, something about the way they're holding their staffs. [Details]
  • EQ wars [Details]
  • A free notepad replacement. Kinda useful. [Details]
  • Y'know - subspace still exists [Details]
  • Megawinter nights - desktop backdrop that somehow coldfire missed the first time around [Details] [Details]
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