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Vitenka : Mon 20 06:36:15 2002  
With a free bouncing muppet!

Starwars Two (five?)

Well, I saw it. There be spoilers. Go see it, then read this.

Good points

The 'turning to the dark side' stuff is handled very well, although it's all just setting up for the next movie.

The best line of the movie is the ambiguous "Dreams pass, in time" - lovely.

Ani, though whiney, feels vaguely real.

Jar Jar speaks only two lines.

One convinces you that he's actually matured, and grown to become an (annoying) diplomat.
The other; the entire universe will hate him for what he did, when they realise what it means.

But forget all that, let's skip the first half, with its intel aliens and the (not terribly well handled) love scene. Let's move on to the real meat of the film - where they start fighting.

Ok, I forgive them for using duel of the fates when they did - I was thinking "When he gets there, if she's dead, oh boy, they all die" and guess what? :)

And he never changed clothing. He was always wearing that leather tunic and brown cloak. Its turning as black as midnight was just a trick of the light. Perfection.

The explosions in the asteroid field wer egreat, the fight before that not so great but still lovely.

The desert circus - no, but lots of fights.

And then we got the fight of the movie. I know most people focus on what happenned yet, and I will in a little while. But that fight. With swords in the darkness. And I sat back, and I thought, "So THAT is what a battle between two dark jedi looks like"

And then clint eastwood walked in. His short wrinkled green form dominating the room. And he swept aside his cloak, and he didn't say "Draw pardner" but he could have done.

And then bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun.

Anyone laughing when yoda showed up previously during the film had blatantly seen the film before.

Bad Points

The love scenes weren't great, and the flipping between two different threads seemed clumsy.

It was very long, my tailbone hurts. A lot of establishing shots that didn't seem to do much.

How come, if she's such a great politician, she's still the emperors dupe?

Slightly Odd points

I quote you from the fourth (first?) film: This was your fathers lightsaber. Heh. Which one? He's notoriously bad about losing them :)

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