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Vitenka : Tue 9 06:05:14 2002  
... they did just decribe someone as "Japans answer to Natalie Imbrouglia" - which I'm not sure whether they meant as an insult or a compliment ...

Review of "Saiko Exciting"

This is written as I watched it. Conclusion at the bottom.

Somewhat insane pop visuals now. Not terrible techno (and I hate techno) - starts off looking like an intro to a strange video game, singing aliens, glowing flowers and television-spiders. Well, it's better than boy bands, at least.

Trailer for eva - the army vs the underwater attack, from one of the very early episodes. And it's the dub :( And shinji doesn't sound half as idiotic as he is meant to. Quite a long trailer. Make that a very long trailer. Katuragi is VERY annoying. Heh. "It's a demon" - no irony after calling it an angel. Ok, katsuragi is funnier when she's stealing, but ye gods she sounds like someone out of bubblegum. Whoa - are they just playing the entire first episode of this, without warning anyone? Nifty. (They are playing it again - thursday night, for those who missed it this time around.) I'm very surprised that they can run eva on saturday mornings though, parts of it I would have expected to hit the censors.

Oh, and the dub is tragic.

Hmmm... that was almost half an hour, so it must have been trimmed a bit. They certainly ditched the intro sequence.

Gah. I catnewsed hiho ages ago. For those who missed it, or want more: here is hiho

Finally. The gaming bit.

Totally honest reviews, I'm sure. The entire channel is sposored by nintendo.

Blegh. They review a spiderman game. When did 'for all platforms' mean 'not for PC'? QUOTE! "The real shocker is that tony mc'guire is funnier in the game than he is in the film. Then again, that's not saying much" (His quote was actually quite good too. "Let me guess. You would be.. two ply. Padded-GUy. Cushion man?")

The cheats are for games that a) no one has b) no one wants c) run on systems no one wants and d) come past too quickly to actually remember them. Get on with the reviews dammit.

I'll have to say, their top ten is probably good from a sales point of view - but they clearly haven't thought from a gameplay pov. Then again, cats that can stop time?

Aha! Reports from e3. That explains why kingdom-hearts was in the 'coming soon' section rather than the 'this is actually quite good' section. This WAS recorded a few months ago. Thus losing all "Kudos for producing something your audience is interested in" points in exchange for "Heck, even MORAT is more up to date, and they still play halflife"

Ok. If you see no problem with this, sotp reading and never come back:

  1. "We are the most honest games review program. Honest"
  2. Coming up next, pikmin takes games design out of this world!
  3. And then, WIN a nintendo gamecube in our competition!

Now, not saying pikmin is a bad game, I've never played it, but...

I'm going to skip the bit about e3 - if you still care about it, go get in a time machine to a few months ago and THEN read the news sites.

Ok, the reviewer got respect again. "If you're one of those people who say that they don't like snowboarding games, then.... YOU NEED TO GET A GRIP!" Of course, the game still looks stupid, but :)

Headache: so, of all the games reviewed, they've all been good?

I think that sums it up. It's just like all the other game shows. Which is a shame, they promised to be better, and although no one thought they were telling the truth, it would have been a nice surprise.

Back to insane music videos. Then nadesico.

Ok. A pop video of the singers kid washing his hands in slow motion. Innovative, different, boring AND stupid. I give it four kittens and a hand-grenade. Oh you're kidding me, that kid IS the singer. Great. Add 'sensationalist' and 'ass' to the list.

Ok, this is good. They start showing random garden gnomes bobbling up and down. Then they say "We just wanted to show that to you because ... well, because we did"


Quick overview? This show has it's moments. This michael extracting origami segment, the occasional good line... but in general no - it's not worth watching. Grab Eva and nadesico thursday nights, or even better grab the DVDs and watch the subs. The games section is out of date, console oriented and blatantly sponsored. The 'japanese culture' stuff is frankly degrading and yet manages to avoid being funny.

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