Tip 33 - Custom maps

URL: http://freespace.morat.net/Vitenka/Guides/tfc_33.txt.html

Right - first of all... where to GET them.

Secondly, how to USE them.

Right - here's my rundown.

Maps are generally packed into a .zip file. Other ways you might get a map are as just a .bsp file, a .pak file - or you might have been evil and downloaded it frmo a game server.

Big warning. Never let me catch you downloading from a gameserver. It slows the game down for everyone else and takes up a player slot. Also, it frequently doesn't work and usually takes longer than getting it from a website anyway.

  1. The map is in a zip file.
    Unzip the file. Inside you should find a readme of some sort, which will tell you what to do with the files. You might find a .res file which will tell you the same information if you open it in notepad.

    The zip file will usually have the files stored in the appropriate paths inside it anyway. Remember that everything goes in the \tfc\ directory - you want the .bsp to end up in \tfc\maps

  2. Just a bsp file
    Well - if you got it like this from a website, try it. It goes into \tfc\maps\
    However, it might not work - which usually means you need some extra support files.

    If you downloaded it from the server, then this is often the case - and that is one reason it is evil.

    Obviously, the file might be corrupt - try downloading it from somewhere else.

  3. In a .pak file

    This is.. unusual. But some map packs do this.
    You CAN extract the files just like a zip file, but easier is just to put it next toyour other pak files in /tfc/
    If you only have pak0.pak, you'd name it pak1.pak and put it there. if you have pak0, pak1 and pak2.pak you'd name it pak3.pak and so forth.

  4. You downloaded it from the server and it doens't work

    You are evil! Evil I tell you!
    First of all, you might need additional support files (and the server didn't have a .res file - as of

    Get it from a website, it saves so many problems.

  5. Ok, the unusual case. The map came with a whole bunch of files, and no info on where they go.
    A rule of thumb is to put like with like - .bsp and .txt in \tfc\maps\ .wad in \tfc\ .tga in \tfc\gfx\env\

Thirdly - where you can use them

Not terirbly many servers play custom maps. Rythmatics, and some of the other TPF servers. BD's sillyzone. Morat. Barrysworld. And all the league servers run the custom maps selected for that league.

And lastly - which are worth using.

A top ten list of maps worth getting, in no particular order (no download links due to space considerations, but all should be on fileplanet)

Be careful, there are a LOT of bad maps out there - and a lot of twits who like them...