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The Covenant of Animus Silvae

Introduction updated recently - 7th August - Summer 1221

The covenant of Animus Silvae was founded in the year 1200, upon the site of 'The Stalwart Hand' which had failed to make it through winter.
The founders were Deunan ex Flambeua, Dmitri ex Tytalus, Vitenka ex Miscellana, and Anatol ex Jerbiton.
We were young mages, being only breifly out of apprenticeship; and were present at the tribunal at Neopolitas.
Pretenka (an elderly, confusing, strange, and now, sadly missed, magus) kind of got us moving - she informed us of the exit of the Stalwart Hand (full title, the Prententiously Named but Stalwart Hand of the Order), and presumably to get us out of her hair told us to go and refound it.

Oh yes, there was something about it being the most easterly reach of the order of hermes (see a location map), it being a kind of wind-break for the coming storm, and us young mages being the only ones brave or stupid enough to do it.

Note: For those who know bout as much history as Vitenka, Hey!, there is a mongol invasion due in about 1220-1226.
Actually, there are two, but anyway - we don't know that's going to happen.
It gives a kind of dark backlighting to the proceedings...

Artur ex Bjornaer and Gwyntar ex Bonisagus come along later.
Apparently, they had missed the tribunal - or something.
Note: It should be said that Artur is played by the alpha GM.

We discovered that the covenant had been converted into an inn by the custos, and that it was running as a profitable business.
So, we moved in, and kept it as an inn - using only the top few floors (which are invisible from the outside, to non-magical people neat trick that...) for covenant type stuff.

So, thats how we got here.

Why don't you look a bit deeper into us?
We have Character descriptions (at least of most of us)
A partial record of events has been kept, here
Like any group, we have our own idiosyncracities; you could try to understand us through what we've done to the rules system, or our humour.
What else?
Oh yes, if you are a mage, you'll only be interested in one thing.
Unfortunately, you'll have to make do with looking at out library instead. {grin}

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